Follow World War II in Europe through the eyes and camera lenses of the fighters. We begin with Hitler's capture of two countries without a shot being fired. Then the views of war begin with the Nazi invasion of Poland where we see the Jewish villagers rounded up for deportation to the ghettos. The views and descriptions continue through the Nazi invasions of Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Russia. Members of the Luftwafe are seen loading their bombs and then flying to drop the payloads on Great Britain. From the eyes of an American soldier, we then see the recapture of France. 69 photos and drawings take the reader through to the fall of the Third Reich. 61 of the photographs were taken by those fighting in the war and have never before been published.
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Rounding up Jewish villagers for the "final solution."
Marching in occupied Poland with Luftwaffe flag.
Liberation of France.
Captain Andrews Hays.
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